Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Days 5 & 6

Some great running weather lately. Had a good run Sunday afternoon and then ran on the track on Monday.

Looks less than sunny today but I'll try to get one in.

Things are hopping with the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul.........meeting later this week for revised cost estimates, trying to arrange a meeting next week to plan a strategy for pledges to "get this Chapel built", and working on site plan to get things done later this spring and clear the way for construction of the Chapel.

A word of thanks to the volunteers..........your fellow parishioners who put in countless hours to keep the Chapel efforts moving forward. I'm really excited about the progress on multiple fronts........a bit of a challenge to keep it all moving along but a good challenge. We meet this Friday, March 19, which you may remember is the feast of St. Joseph.............for me a good sign that the Holy Spirit is guiding us. St. Joseph is often the saint people pray to regarding real estate deals!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all say a prayer to St. Joe that he will pray with us and bring the good work of the Chapel to fulfillment.

Meanwhile...............I'll keep running.

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