Friday, March 12, 2010

Confession is good for the soul!!!!!!

Well gang...........I have to confess that my plan for 31 runs in March has kind of fallen apart. I have managed to run some and Nordic Track some but my schedule has been so erratic that I'm not sure when I've done what!!!!!!

Obviously since it is March 12, I've lost a little ground since the last post was March 3!!!!!!!!!!

If you've made any pledges I promise I'll make up for the shortfall in recorded runs!!!!


Thankfully I've made much better progress on the Chapel plans. We are meeting with the architect, meeting with the funraising group and meeting with the initial site work group all at the same time!!!!!!!!! HEY MAYBE THAT'S WHY I HAVEN'T KEPT UP WITH THE RUNS!!!!!!!!

We are moving forward with plans that look at a 20% cost reduction in the price of the Chapel and furnishings. Our architect and other advisers are doing a great job of finding cost savings while still maintaining the beauty and stature of the Chapel.

We hope to have some news to share with the Cathedral parish shortly after Easter.

Let us continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to the very best outcome for this important project. God to get back on track as THE RUNNING PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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