Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Taking Shape

This silhouette of the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul show that it is really taking shape. It is exciting to see the architectural notes that call to mind the Cathedral while at the same time highlighting the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul as a new Catholic sanctuary for the city of Tyler.

In the Catholic liturgical calendar today we celebrate two very early bishops who were mentioned in the bible, Timothy and Titus. The epistles of Paul advising them on their work in the early Church are often called the pastoral epistles because of the pastoral advice and guidance they offer to these two early leaders and ultimatlely to all disciples of Jesus Christ.

I find it to be especially inspiring to witness the construction of this Chapel dedicated to the two great apostles Peter and Paul on this day that the universal Church celebrates two leaders of the next generation of Christians, Timothy and Titus. It is a reminder that the mission they shared continues for all of us. Like Peter and Paul, Timothy and Titus and Lois and Eunice mentioned in Paul's letters as part of Timothy's family, we continue to be called to the same work........proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Hopefully Timothy and Titus will inspire all of us to serve the Lord with Joy and proclaim His wonderful message. I have to laugh a bit as I'm reminded of Paul's famous words about "running the race". This blog started as a page about running but with the excitement of the Chapel I've allowed it to be "hijacked" a bit. I think that is ultimately a good thing because the most important "race" we run is the spiritual journey that our Lord calls us to share.

Let us pray that the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul will be a place that inspires many to a deeper faith in Jesus Christ and a fuller life in our Catholic Church.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Chapel Rises

The Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul continues to make good progress. I felt for the workers on the cold days last week still working away, putting decking on the roof and laying brick. I was cold as I served as Crossing Guard on the Gorman campus for only a few minutes..........I know the workers were cold way up in the rafters!!!!

I confess I didn't get in any runs during the coldest days but I did keep up with my indoor workouts. I have a stair stepper that I use for days when I can't run and it gives you a pretty good workout.

I need to get a "set of runs" on the calendar!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Saint Andre Bessette

Today, January 6, we celebrate the feast of Saint Andre Bessette. This date has been designated for "Brother Andre" for several years but this year 2011 is the first time we celebrate his feast with Brother Andre having been canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 17, of 2010.

Saint Andre is a beautiful example for all of us and especially for young students. As a religious brother his work for many years at a school in Canada was as doorkeeper. The world would see this is a rather lowly calling and would dismiss this type of position as insignificant. Because of his great faith and love Brother Andre transformed this work that the world would so easily dismiss into the mission of a Saint. He had a tremendous impact on all who entered through the doors of his school because he showed the kindness and care that the Lord calls us to show all of his children as we encounter them on any given day.

As you can see the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul is continuing to progress. I hope that Saint Andre can be a kind of unofficial patron for the Chapel, reminding all who enter there that the greatest power in the world is that of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us heed the call and following Saint Andre Bessette's lead "Open wide the doors to Christ".

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year and the Building Goes On

The wooden support beams for the Chapel roof were installed on January 3, and as you can see the building is making a lot of progress.