Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19 Making Progress

The construction crew is making progress with the Chapel. It is interesting how much work goes into the foundation. I suppose it is appropriate and really quite biblical. If the foundation isn't firm the building will collapse...........and we DEFINITELY don't want that. So many centuries have passed and new technologies have developed but the basic wisdom is still there........make sure the foundation is solid before you move ahead with the rest of the building. All that I have seen indicates that the foundation of the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul will be FIRM!!!!!

I had a good run this aftenoon. It is amazingly hot and muggy for mid September but the weather people assure us that is about to change. I'm ready!!!

The Gospel for this Sunday reminds us that real wealth is the Life of God. Hopefully we were all reminded today that our life in Christ is the Pearl of Great price. I'm sure we've all known very poor people who were truly wealthy because of their faith and conversely we've known very wealthy people who were actually quite poor because they had no faith. Of course the Gospel calls us to give help and aid to those who are materially poor but we always have to remember that the ultimate purpose for assisting the poor is so that they can have the basic needs of life to flourish and seek the lasting wealth of the Kingdom of God. If people are hungry and truly in need it is very difficult for them to "seek the higher things" that God longs to share with us. All of God's people deserve their basic needs so that they can then have the strength and freedom to seek the Life God longs to share with us.

Have a Blessed week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11 Reflections

I suppose that many of us are in a reflective mood as we mark the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Hopefully the ultimate reminder for all people everywhere is that we need to pray and seek the wisdom of God in order to overcome the violence and hatred that so easily develops among us.

I have a prayer application on my iphone that allows you to see a globe spinning with points of light representing others who are using the application in prayer at that moment. As the globe spins it is a great reminder to me of Almighty God's perspective. A world filled with His precious children that he has given life. How it must grieve the Father, Son and Spirit to see how we use the free will God has given us to attack and destroy each other.

Certainly the headlines nine years after 911 indicate that we haven't really learned very much. How patient and merciful God is. Hopefully we can all strive to learn to live with each other seeking the guidance of that divine patience and mercy.

Let us pray for all who died on that sad day nine years ago, let us pray for their families who still grieve, let us pray especially for young people all over our world that anger and bitterness may never lead them to commit such devastating and destructive acts. That all of us given life by the One Loving God might hold that life for ourselves and others as a sacred gift.

On a lighter note I share a picture of the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul....... as I told a friend we are just beginning to see "something verticle". It will be exciting to see the Chapel gradually grow out of the ground. Let us pray that it will truly be a place to worship God and deepen the desire and ability for all of us to respect life from conception to natural death.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10

Just realized I've let several days slip by again without a post to my blog.

Running has been good with cooler weather lately. Chapel construction continues with the work on the foundation. I'll try to post a picture soon when there is a bit more progress evident.

Let us all pray for our nation and for our world as we commemorate 9/11 tomorrow.

God bless America.