Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Run #11

Had a good run today around the loop from my house.

As we enter into the celebrations of Holy Week it is great to see the spring flowers
popping and the trees beginning to bud.

Have a great Tuesday of Holy Week.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Days 9 & 10

Finally made it to 10 runs........won't make any promises since we're heading into Holy Week but I'll do my best to get some runs in along the way. The weather is perfect for running right now so I will try to get out there!!!!!!!!

THE CHAPEL OF SAINTS PETER AND PAUL continues to progress. As I've mentioned before the plan right now is to present an update to the entire parish at the end of April. I'm really excited about the way plans are coming together. We hope to see some dirt moving with initial site work sometime this spring. I have a fortune cookie slip I got a few weeks back posted in my office....it says..."Rome was not built in a day....be patient". We've all heard that before and I thank you for your patience. I'll add another familiar saying, "Good things come to those who wait"....Let us continue to pray that the Lord will guide us to those "good things". Have a blessed Holy Week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 7 & 8..........Running into Spring

Well at this rate it will take me a while to get to 31 runs. I'll do my best to get in some good ones this coming week.......starting today. Did manage a couple of good runs this week but a couple of days out of town sort of knocked me off schedule again.


We've had meetings of the full committee,several meetings with the architect and another meeting with the Liturgical Designer since my last update. Things are really coming together........keep an eye out for a full parish update and plan for moving forward the last weekend of April.

Meanwhile we are entering into Holy Week. Let us pray together that the troubles that plague our world may diminish and answers may come more clearly into focus as we celebrate the Life, Deat and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you usually attend the liturgies of Holy Week we'll see you there........if you haven't had the habit of attending I'd encourage you to check the schedule at your local church and do your best to attend any liturgies you can. You will be blessed.

Meanwhile................keep on runnin'

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Days 5 & 6

Some great running weather lately. Had a good run Sunday afternoon and then ran on the track on Monday.

Looks less than sunny today but I'll try to get one in.

Things are hopping with the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul.........meeting later this week for revised cost estimates, trying to arrange a meeting next week to plan a strategy for pledges to "get this Chapel built", and working on site plan to get things done later this spring and clear the way for construction of the Chapel.

A word of thanks to the volunteers..........your fellow parishioners who put in countless hours to keep the Chapel efforts moving forward. I'm really excited about the progress on multiple fronts........a bit of a challenge to keep it all moving along but a good challenge. We meet this Friday, March 19, which you may remember is the feast of St. Joseph.............for me a good sign that the Holy Spirit is guiding us. St. Joseph is often the saint people pray to regarding real estate deals!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all say a prayer to St. Joe that he will pray with us and bring the good work of the Chapel to fulfillment.

Meanwhile...............I'll keep running.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 4

Got in a great run today right about noon. A bit cool but nice and sunny.

No rash promises about keeping this up EVERY day but...........27 days to go!!!!

Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Confession is good for the soul!!!!!!

Well gang...........I have to confess that my plan for 31 runs in March has kind of fallen apart. I have managed to run some and Nordic Track some but my schedule has been so erratic that I'm not sure when I've done what!!!!!!

Obviously since it is March 12, I've lost a little ground since the last post was March 3!!!!!!!!!!

If you've made any pledges I promise I'll make up for the shortfall in recorded runs!!!!


Thankfully I've made much better progress on the Chapel plans. We are meeting with the architect, meeting with the funraising group and meeting with the initial site work group all at the same time!!!!!!!!! HEY MAYBE THAT'S WHY I HAVEN'T KEPT UP WITH THE RUNS!!!!!!!!

We are moving forward with plans that look at a 20% cost reduction in the price of the Chapel and furnishings. Our architect and other advisers are doing a great job of finding cost savings while still maintaining the beauty and stature of the Chapel.

We hope to have some news to share with the Cathedral parish shortly after Easter.

Let us continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to the very best outcome for this important project. God bless...........now to get back on track as THE RUNNING PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 3

Had a great run. Beautiful sunny day.

I was out of town for a couple of days at a pro-life event in College Station. Governor Jeb Bush spoke and it was a great event in support of the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.

I was most impressed by Governor Bush's comments linking how we treat all of those who are vulnerable in society. If the unborn who are the most vulnerable are not safe then the same attitudes threaten the disabled, the elderly virtually everyone that society "decides" are less valuable for some reason. I thought he really hit the nail on the head when he said that we have to return to the notion of absolute values for our society. I believe he is right and I also believe it will only happen by the grace of God. Sadly we have lost our way when it comes to the virtues proclaimed by God's word.

I hope we can all use this Lenten journey as a time to strengthen our own resolve and encourage others to embrace the basic truths that God has revealed to us through His Son. These truths are a tremendous challenge and we all fail but God's abundant mercy is always there for us.

Keep on running and when you stumble just look to the Lord once again.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2- Time Marches On

It felt to get out for a run today. Still a little cool but nice and sunny and for me that always makes the difference.

I hope the Lenten season is moving along well for all of you. It is a different Lent for me with my new responsibilities but it has been good so far. Very different not to be at the Cathedral but I'm certainly involved in Lenten activites in many places.

My special prayer this Lent is for Catholics who have not been practicing their faith. Let us pray that all will always know that they are welcome and that Our Lord is always ready to bless us with his mercy.

God bless.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1- A Nordic Day

I didn't manage to get a run in because of the blustery weather but I did get started with my March through March with a good workout on the Nordic Track. My cat has an interesting approach to this machine. She seems to be afraid of it but she doesn't run out of the room. Instead she just kind of crouches as if she is ready to pounce on it any minute and come to my rescue!!!!

I'm attaching renderings of the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul. They are on display at St. Paul's Chapel in the Chancery building but I know some of you may not have had the opportunity to see them there. We continue to work on reducing costs in every reasonable way we can while at the same time we are planning to meet next week to get started on the additional fundraising that will be required. Let us pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we can bring this project to completion in the very best way possible in service to our Catholic community in Tyler.