Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#21 and 22 May Days

Slow going with lots of interference in the schedule but managed to log two more runs
in the last couple of days.

I'll have to post a picture of the roses that the St. Gregory faculty planted in my back yard when I moved in. They are blooming beautifully. Appropriate for these beautiful may days.

I'll keep trying to get those runs in................promise not to "stop and smell the roses" until AFTER the run.


I spoke at all the masses last weekend and the people were very kind and receptive. We need 1.6 million in pledges in order to get the Chapel fully pledged. We want to get as close to that as possible before signing a contract for the construction but we do have a firm bid in hand.............so please get those pledges in. All parishioners at the Cathedral in Tyler will be receiving pledge cards and information in the next few days.

I realize with the wonder of the internet you may be reading this and not be a part of the Cathedral parish in Tyler, Texas. If you want to help with the Chapel.......YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!!!!!!!!! Just give me a call at 903 534 1077.

We had a great gathering last night as the first of several with our generous donors. They had some great ideas that we will pursue. Things like getting the students involved and reaching out to Alumni. The enthusiasm is a great blessing.

This Sunday, May 9, at 4 PM on the Gorman campus on the site of the Chapel at the corner of Loop 323 and Easy Street we will be celebrating the beginning of initial site work and "moving some dirt" all are welcome. You'll even have the chance to take home some "chapel dirt" as a momento.

By the way...........blessings to all mothers this Mother's Day.........bring mom out for the "dirt moving celebration" and we'll have a special remembrance for her.


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