Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Run # 19

Beleve it or not my last run was in Rome........yes Rome.......as in Italy.......not Texas!!!! I had a great run along the Tiber and then the next morning unexpectedly was back on a plane to Texas. I was actually lucky to get back home with the Volcanic Ash Cloud hanging over Europe!!!!

Thankfully wasn't breathing any Volcanic Ash along the Tiber.

Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul is still moving along well. It will be so much fun when I can post photos of the construction as it unfolds. I know many of us look forward to that day!! And it is approaching.

I am set to speak at all Cathedral masses on the weekend of May 1 & 2. Then shortly after, as early in May as the school calendar will allow we will begin the initial site work.

We still have pledges to raise so that the entire cost of the Chapel is pledged. Thankfully we don't have to have all the money "in the bank" as soon as we have pledges to cover the cost we can begin construction on the actual Chapel itself.

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