Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Third Day of Christmas- December 28

Another good workout. I was laughing with a fellow runner because both of us have encountered people that thought we were crazy for running. We've had people get really upset saying it was to hot to run or too cold to run. I even had one lady say she was going to call the police! Oh well......we just keep on running.

Today, December 28 is the feast of the holy innocents, it commemorates the boys two and younger that Herod had killed after his visit with the Magi. I guess it teaches us something to be reminded that there was violent resistance to Christ even as a baby. It seems the very idea that God could be so close to us is threatening to some. We shouldn't be surprised that even to this day the strong resistance continues. Maybe we like the idea that we can pretend we are God. Let's use these Days of Christmas to rejoice that God has loved us so much and rid ourselves of the ways we resist His coming.