Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Day of Christmas- December 26

Well I made the first run of my "Twelve Runs of Christmas". It was a nice day for a run, a little cool but nice and sunny. I guess you could count December 25 as the first day of Christmas nut I doubted I'd get a run in on Christmas day and I was right.

I hope that my 12 runs of Christmas will remind us all to keep celebrating the birth of our Lord for the whole Christmas season. The Catholic liturgical calendar offers us a whole season to celebrate the Feast of Christmas. It is still easy to slip back into regular routines leaving "the season" as something that only happens in Church.

One suggestion I make is to continue gift giving during the Christmas season. Gifts given during the season really aren't's still Christmas!!!!!!!

I hope you can get back out there and get some exercise. All of us have some "turkey and pumpkin pie" to get rid of!!!!!!!

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