Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapel Inspection

Some of the Chapel Committee took a tour of the progress on the Chapel on December 2 and then had a meeting with our Liturgical Designer to discuss preparations for the stained glass windows. I think the Chapel Committee members would join me in saying that we have learned a lot in this process from pews to stained glass. These Advent days remind us to be especially grateful for the wonderfully generous gifts from so many individuals and families that have made the construction of this Chapel possible.

I often get the question from Catholics and non-catholics.........Why are you calling it a seems to big to be a Chapel. It is large and I suppose that was the overwhelming impression of the Chapel Committee members as we looked around. We have all seen much larger churches but the Chapel has a feeling of ample space and presence that I hope will contribute greatly to the worship that takes place there. This is all possible because of the loving sacrificial donations of so many.

Let us continue to pray together during these Advent thanksgiving for the greatest gift of all.......God's own Son and in prayer that we might live in His light always.

Today, December 3, we celebrate St. Francis Xavier a missionary of the 16th century who is described as "the greatest missionary since the Apostles". Let us pray that St. Francis Xavier may inspire all of us to "go out to all the world and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I have had some great runs lately........the weather in East Texas has been its usual "changeable" but today is beautiful and sunny with a temp of about 70 degrees.......I hope to get in a good run at lunchtime. If you haven't gotten any exercise during these busy Advent days.......why not get out there and join me. A nice brisk wall or even just a leisurely stroll will do you good!!!!!!

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